I want to share with you beautiful women some of the prayers that I prayed with a dear friend of mine who was going through a terrible time.  Also, there are words of encouragement.  You see, Debra has lost her two children to absolutely horrible accidents and was struggling as few can understand.  Debra was the first one to find each of her children when they were gone.  She is divorced and most of her support group died in the midst of this crisis.  God sent this precious, fragile, woman to me.  With great fear and trembling I begged God for the right words—His words to help her.  Being led by the Holy Spirit I begged God to restore her and give her hope.

God has and still is working miraculously in this woman’s life.  The key was her willingness to choose to go all the way with the Lord.  She has chosen to believe and let God be God and let God have the reins of her life.  She has chosen to believe that she is precious in the eyes of God and that God does want the best for her.  She believes and sees God working in her life.  She is accepting the love, comfort, and protection that God wants to provide her.

At the end of this article are Debra’s words after she had gone through the steps to peace.  They weren’t steps then, they were just emails one friend to another.  We were just two barrel racing Moms, one hurting friend reaching out for help and her friend responding with all of her heart.  God was faithful and guided me to the words in the Bible that Debra needed to hear.  His Words and His love are healing her.  God’s words and God’s love can heal you too. 

What does the Bible say and how can God help each of us? 

I have a devotional by Hannah W. Smith.  The title of the book is

“God is Enough.”  This woman’s belief is that no matter what

our problem, no matter how big or how hurtful, God is enough to fix it. 

I believe that.  I have experienced this and have seen God heal and

restore others.  May we see it in your life too!

Perhaps you too are in a hard place.  Perhaps you are experiencing

much pain.  We want to share these prayers and words of

encouragement with the hope and great expectation that God

will heal you as my wonderful friend is being healed.  We hope that

these prayers will help you realize how awesome is the love

God has for you.

We pray you will see that nothing is impossible with God and that

He is truly able to heal and restore you.  We love you and wish

we could hug you ourselves. Maybe someday we will.

I have ordered the prayers and conversational encouragement in steps. 

Go through them at your own speed or turn to whichever you feel God

leading you.  On this section of the website you can view each

of the 46 steps to peace.  God has created each of us uniquely.

Let us truly be friends helping friends through the hard times.

We love each of you.  We pray you will find the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

With God’s love,
The outfit at Western Meadows


Judy’s update on Debra--

Debra wrote these words eight months after we started her walk to recovery.  After five years she is still walking toward wholeness.  Her lows aren’t as low as they once were, nor do they come as often.  Praise God for His love, His power, and His comfort that He wants to lavish on any who will call on Him.

I admire the courage and strength that Debra has shown.  She has come a long long way, and we aren’t done yet.  For you see, she isn’t in this alone.  I, her sister in the Lord, am with her all the way to the end. But more than that is that God is with her, never to leave her or abandon her, but to continue to encourage, strengthen, love, and comfort her until He comes to take her to heaven.  And I know that when she enters heaven’s gates our loving Savior Jesus Christ will say to her, “Well done thy good and faithful servant; and then she will embrace her two children who have been waiting for her!”

And, my dear women it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Debra’s words--

    I am a walking testimony how you have helped me. Tell them my story if you wish. Tell them the horror if you wish. Sometimes it helps if they know the depths of someone else's horror to see they can rise above it.

    It was your great knowledge of the Bible, which gave me the faith to believe that all things are possible through Jesus Christ! When you prayed scripture from the Bible, they gave me power over the ones who were trying to destroy me with Satan's help.  I saw the Lord turn the tables on them, this is when I began to come out of my hell hole, and believe there is life after death!!!! I'm still struggling everyday.

    I flashed back on what I saw on the way to the barrel race two days ago and almost went crazy, and started screaming, I was driving 65 mph loaded and started crying to the Lord to help me. It was touch and go for the rest of the night. The lord was with me, and I know he and Satan were having a battle over who was going to win this one.  The Lord prevailed, but it still knocked my socks off and put me down for a few days. I know this will be my life from now on, and with the Lord guiding my days I will somehow get through it.

    Sometimes, the depression is heavy and depression has a way of cutting you off from picking up your Bible, and praying daily.  This is where your prayers that you sent to me regularly pulled me through, they empowered me through my depression and still do.  Though I still have trouble picking up my Bible while here I will scroll through the prayers you sent to me--which puts me back on a level playing field and I again start to focus on my Father in heaven. I begin to again see how he is working in my everyday life and when I hit the lows, I just recite the Lord’s prayer which of course I know by heart and tell my Father that my life is in his hands come what may.

I have loved Debra, my daughter, with an everlasting love. 

With unfailing love I have drawn Debra to myself. 

I will rebuild Debra, my daughter. 

Debra will again be happy and dance merrily with her tambourines.  Jeremiah 31:3-4


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