Psalms, Proverbs                              Psalm 119:49-64

Asking God To Remember

#28--Steps to Peace


I love Psalm 119.  I have and spent several years studying it—but today these verses just seem so appropriate.
Psalm 119:49-64


Heavenly Father,

Remember Your promises to us. 
You are our only hope.
Your promises revive us, they comfort us in all our troubles.


The proud hold us in utter contempt, but we will not turn away from Your instructions;

O Lord they comfort us.

We become furious with the wicked, because they reject Your instructions.

(Lord, let it be righteous anger)

Your decrees have been the theme of our songs wherever we have lived. 
We will reflect at night on who You are, O Lord; therefore. we obey Your instructions.
This is how we spend our lives; obeying Your commandments.


Lord, YOU are ours!
We promise to obey Your words!
With all of our hearts we want Your blessings.


Be merciful to us, as You promised. 

(Lord, we don't deserve Your mercy, but we receive it with open arms)

We pondered the direction of our lives, and we turned to follow Your laws.
We will hurry without delay, to obey Your commands.


Evil people may try to drag us into sin, but we are firmly anchored to Your instructions.

We rise at midnight to thank You for Your just regulations.
We are friends with anyone who fears You--anyone who obeys Your commandments.


O Lord, Your unfailing love fills the earth; teach us Your decrees.
Lord, we thank You for loving us and pouring out Your grace and mercy on us. 

Without You we are nothing and can do nothing. 

Let our lives glorify You.

In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Luv ya,  Judy