Barrel Racing Journal

I run in the path
of your commands
for you have set
my heart free. 
Psalm 119:31

“I want to express my appreciation to a group of women I have known for years.  And why do I admire them?  Because they work hard, are tough, are not quitters, and aren’t afraid to get dirty.  They call it the way they see it, are women of action and passion, and they want to win!  This journal is a tribute to my Colorado barrel racing friends.”

Judy has run barrels for over 45 years. Her rookie year in professional barrel racing was 1980 and she now has her gold card.   Judy went to Colorado Springs in the fall of 2012 and spent an afternoon taking pictures of friends running barrels. 

All mixed together in this small full color book are barrel racing pictures, Scriptures, and a place to keep track of runs, tack used, and ground conditions.

You might want to have one for each horse you are competing on.

Barrel Racing Journal

Paperback Barrel Racing Journal
Photos of Barrel racers
Comb-bound, Full color;  5.5” x 8”; 64 pages


ISBN: 978-1-937680-67-1