New Testament                                      



Colossians 3:22-23


All The Way


We may not claim to be Christians if we give Jesus ONLY
lip service, and brain service, and hand service;
He must have the heart.

Charles H. Spurgeon, 1879


In the Bible we are commanded to do several things with all of our heart.  First and foremost is to love God and to love others with all of our heart.  We are also to repent, trust, praise, and pray with all of our heart.  Another area that God commands our wholeheartedness is in serving.

Serving—we all want to be served but it is often hard to bend down and help others. Sometimes people think they are to busy to help others.  Some people get rich so they can hire people to wait on them. The Bible tells us that if we want to be GREAT in the kingdom of God we must be a servant to all. Jesus sees everything we do and why we do it.  Whenever we look down our noses at anyone it is SIN.  Whenever we think we deserve to be waited upon, that is SIN.  God commands that we consider other people more important than ourselves.  Jesus wants us to bend down and help.  Jesus humbled himself and came to earth and died on the cross for us.  He bent down to help us, when we did nothing to deserve it.

It can be very hard to be a wife and Mom because it seems that you spend much time waiting on others. Hmmm, the world says that is demeaning—–God says it is an opportunity to be GREAT.  Now what should be more important to every person, what the world thinks is great or what God says is great?

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,

as working for the Lord, not for men,

since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.
Colossians 3:22-23


God wants us to live for Him!  He wants us to do everything for Him! Right where we are—just serving from our hearts in every little thing.

God is pleased with us when we serve.  His face smiles. When God sees that we are whole-heartedly serving others the best way we can—He is pleased.  Picture your Heavenly Father looking at you with a huge smile and then hugging you and saying, “I appreciate you!”  It can’t get much better than that—can it?

No matter what cruddy job we have to do, whether it be changing dirty diapers, cleaning stalls, pushing calves, or doing laundry—if we have the love of Christ in our hearts the worst jobs can be a delight.  A delight because we know that our work is appreciated by the King of Kings.

The following quotes were taken from a sermon given by C. H. Spurgeon in London in 1879.  He is considered by many as the best preacher to have ever lived.


“There is about a real Christian a prevailing sense that God sees him, and he does not care who else may set his eye upon him, it is enough for him that God is there."

When we can serve in private, where there is no pat on the back, we have served in a real Christian way.



“The service of Jesus demands all and deserves all.  In the service of God we should use great care to accomplish our very best and want deeply to please Him in all things.  We don’t honor God when we do our work half-heartedly or lazily.  Serving the Lord whole-heartedly means we are sure that our service is the very best we are capable of doing. Serving God is not a matter of routine, but performed with vigor, power, freshness, reality, eagerness and warmth.”

Washing clothes or mucking out stalls—do it right. Even if you aren’t getting paid—do your job with eagerness.



“A serving attitude lifts you above discouragement. If you are serving to please people it will never work—because humans by nature are critical and will always find what was wrong with what you did.  If we are working for God we will not be wounded by the critical remarks of others.”   

Even though it is not possible to please all the people even part of the time—our actions can be pleasing to the King of Kings.


“We may not claim to be Christians if we give Jesus only lip service, and brain service, and hand service; He must have the heart.”

Talking about God isn’t enough, thinking about God isn’t enough,

serving God isn’t enough, but doing all of these with the heart makes ones life pleasing to God.


“To live for Jesus is the most noble of motives.  To live for God is to blend the love of God and the love of men in one passion.”


(ACTS 9:31)