Believe God Discipleship Library

For God so loved the world

that he gave

his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him

shall not perish but

have eternal life.

John 3:16

In our library, you get exactly the same study as in our individual book product except it is presented in a much more elegant way.
Our beautifully detailed custom leather cover makes our Keepsake Edition a book you would want to display in your home.  These covers are made by one of the premier leather craftsmen in our state.  When you open your Keepsake Edition you will feel the quality of the paper used. Our paper makes the details of our pictures ‘pop.’
Our Gift Edition is also printed on a higher quality paper.  The faux leather cover, with gold embossing, and a moire lining will protect your study for years.
We also include our Cowboy Bible in these two sets.  To make studying easier we have the corresponding page number with each verse to be looked up. 
The power of Jesus Christ is magnificently displayed when people are helping people.  This study, will equip any Christian to help their friends see the love, power, and majesty of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


  • Purchase our complete 750 page discipleship library as a set.  Enhance your library with one of our gorgeous presentations.  The study is written in the cowboy dialect, by a cowgirl who has been a devout student of the Bible for over thirty years.  Truly believing in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior will change your life.  Believe God can teach you how to pray, how to live a Christian life, and how to apply and understand the Bible.


  • Enjoy over 600 greyscale pictures in all four books of our great western culture-ranching, rodeo and cowboy family life pictures. 


  • Christian and Cowboy Ministries ... you will find unlimited resources for your Bible studies, prayer services, and mentoring within this vast study.  Believe God is filled with biblically based insights that lead the hurting and lost to that special wholeness only found in a solid belief in Jesus Christ.



  • Scripture addresses are noted with page numbers to make navigating our handy NIV Cowboy Bible a cinch!



Believe God Keepsake Edition


Complete 4 book library; hand-crafted leather binder created by Classic Leather Designs; Cowboy Bible included

*other items in photo not included

ISBN: 978-1-937680-59-6


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Believe God Gift Edition





Complete 4 book library; beautiful faux leather binder; Cowboy Bible included

*other items in photo not included


ISBN: 978-1-937680-58-9

ISBN: 978-1-937680-60-2

Study Library


Complete 4 book library, shrink wrapped;
Cowboy Bible not included


Holy Bible ( NIV 2011)


Use this Bible with our Believe God Study

Compact Hard Cover Pocket Bible; 4” x 6”

Black with gold and silver embossing

Includes both Old and New Testament

“Direct my footsteps according to your Word.”  Psalm 119:133