New Testament                                          Romans 8:1    

Coming Out Of Your Black Hole

#18--Steps to Peace

When we have been living in depression or in our own black hole, it may be very hard to face life.  The world has hurt you deeply and the black hole has been a means of protection for your aching, wounded heart.  Also, if you are feeling shame for wrong things you have done, the black hole can be an escape.

Whenever we have a sore foot, sore tooth, or sore finger we protect it.  There isn't a band aid large enough to protect the hurt that you have.  God is faithful and I believe that He is healing you, inch by inch.  You may not see or feel any difference yet, but if you keep seeking Him and allowing Him to heal you, He is faithful and you will become so much better. 

Shame comes from false guilt. The devil may have convinced you to carry some for years. 

Romans 8:1 says that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 

You will overcome the shame when this verse becomes real in your life!  When you really believe that Jesus doesn't condemn, then you won’t be tripped up when this lie comes flying through your brain.  If He, though He was perfect, and though He knows everything about each of us, doesn't condemn us, no one or nothing else can condemn us either.  It takes a while to let that truth sink into our hearts, but you must really think on that and let God change your thinking there.  Every one of us are miserable sinners, and without that verse and the grace and mercy of God, everyone of us would be in hell.

What could be a hard thing for you is realizing that it is ok to be filled with the joy of God.  It is ok to enjoy your day.  It is ok to laugh again.  You are not slighting your kids when you decide to have a life.  I am sure the pain and the loss will always be there, but you can live again.  God wants you to live again and not live under the horrible blanket of condemnation.  Please ask God to strengthen you to throw off that blanket of condemnation and be covered in the love, grace, mercy, gentleness, softness and perfection of the love of Jesus Christ.  Maybe even get online, order the softest blanket or throw that you can find.  Then, when you start feeling low and condemned physically wrap yourself in that gentle and soft blanket and feel its comfort and realize that is exactly what God wants to do with your mind, spirit, and soul.  I pray you will be wrapped and enveloped in the love of God.

With the incredible love of Jesus,