#12--Steps to Peace

  New Testament                                              Acts 3:19

I have been deceived by lies.  The spin of the enemy has made me feel so worthless that I just wanted to crawl in bed, pull the covers up, and fade away.  When that happens, I can’t believe that anyone can love me or that I can do anything right.

The enemy is ruthless in his attempt to destroy.  Only because of God’s power over the enemy and his love for us are we not destroyed.

Satan is a defeated foe.  The only power he has is that which Jesus allows him to have.  Jesus tells us that by his finger, God can flick the enemy away.  Satan roars loud, but he is small and weak  carrying a very large microphone to intimidate us.  God Almighty is our Heavenly Father and He will protect and rescue us from all evil.

We are loved by our Heavenly Father.  He looks at us as a father looks at his precious baby girl. I watch Granddad and Daddy; look at Avery, my three-year-old granddaughter.  They adore her.  They think everything she does is cute.  They want her to be happy, to be at peace, to be filled with joy, and to be content.


They see her faults, and she is corrected.  After correction she is held and loved and completely restored.  Daddy would never beat Avery up verbally and make her feel worthless or ugly or stupid.  After her discipline she cries and may be mad, but after a short time she hugs her daddy and goes off laughing and playing.  She loves to play dress up, princess, dancing, or being a mom, just hugging on her babies.  She loves putting on make up and having pedicures and being special.  Because Avery knows she is loved she is at peace and enjoys life.  

Now, way too many of us, for way to long have lived under the lying spin of the accuser of the Brethren.  He goes on and on and on about how bad we are, how we can’t do anything right, how worthless, how ugly, and how burdensome we are.  For each one of us, they are lies!  Those words have not come from God, our Heavenly Father.

We have crawled up in bed, pulled up the covers and given up. That isn’t what our Heavenly Father wants.

God is our Heavenly Father, and He loves and adores us much more than Granddad and Daddy love Avery.  So much more we can’t imagine.  God doesn’t want us miserable and didn’t create us to live in a world of inferiority and dread.  We believe we are damaged goods or junk because the devil has been ’spinning’ these lies in our head about us for years and years.

We have to recognize the lies and believe the truth about each of us.  We have to believe what the Bible says.  Jesus came and died so that we might have life and life abundant.  He came to give us joy, peace, and purpose.  Just as Granddad and Daddy delight to see Avery enjoying her life, being at peace and content, so that is what God wants for each of us.

Whenever we are jerked out of that peace, joy, and contentment, it is the enemy, the accuser of the Brethren breathing down our necks to convince us that we are less.  The enemy is a liar.  The Bible tells us that greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.  The power of God, the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of us can defeat this liar.  Our brains can become like a repeating recorder—it just keeps playing the lies over and over and over and the devil just pushes the power button on the recorder and we are sent into discouragement.

Each of us can do this, when we believe that we are a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  If we just let God work in our hearts, He will change us, heal us, and help us change our thinking.  The enemy works in our mind and we have to stop the recorder from going on and on with the lies.  The enemy barges into our minds uninvited, he has to be thrown out.  The Holy Spirit has come into your heart when you asked and believed.  He waits in your heart until you let him work.

Just think of yourself as a beautiful little girl.  All dressed up in your pink dancing dress, with sparkly shoes you are dancing with your Daddy. Imagine how peaceful, joyful, and content you feel as Daddy spins you around and around.  Imagine yourself laughing and giggling, not wanting Daddy to ever stop; just asking him to do more and more.  That is the feeling that God wants us to have—a giggling joy, peace, and comfort knowing that our Heavenly Father delights in us, delights in spending time with us.  He knows we are beautiful.  We are His and He is glad.

We must know that, we know that God the Father, delights in us and His discipline never puts us in the pit of despair, discouragement, or depression.  He deals straight with our sin and when we confess there are consequences that we must deal with, and then God comes to us and lavishly pours out His Love in our hearts.  A favorite verse of mine is “Repent then and turn to God, so that your sins are forgiven, so that times of refreshing may come.” (Acts 3:19) He doesn’t make worse our sin, He doesn’t go over it and over it and over it and hammers us into the ground.  The enemy does that.  God forgives our sins when we repent and throws it away into the deepest sea and forgets it. (Psalm 103:10-13) He refreshes, restores and renews us.  What a God of love, what a wonderful heavenly Father.  He is waiting for each of us to come to Him, so He can love us and love us and love us some more.  He wants to embrace us and protect us just like a good Daddy.


May we walk in our spiritual world with a smile on our face and our eyes on Jesus.  May we be given the strength to ignore the lies of the enemy.  May we be filled with the joy of the Lord.  May we walk in peace.  May we feel as little girls dancing with their Daddy—nothing else matters, because my Daddy loves me!

Because the King of Kings is our Heavenly Father, we have been adopted into His family.  As part of His family we are heirs to all that is His.  Because we are his daughters we each are a princess.  May you all enjoy dancing in your pink dress and sparkly shoes with your Heavenly Father.  It’s even ok to ask Him to do it again and again, for He never tires of lavishing His Love on each of us.   
He loves you so!

With the love of Jesus, Judy