Spread God's word through the donation of our products to the church, ministry, or individual of your choice...or let us choose!


Spread the Word of God

Ministry Outreach

As a one time gift, we will send you our ministry package, a $290 value, for the cost of shipping! ($25.00 )

  • 5 NIV Soft Cover Burgundy Cowboy Bibles ($45.00 value)

  • 18 Full-Color Shirt Pocket Devotionals;  ($45.00 value)

  • 20 Repentance Booklets ($40.00 value)

  • 80 “The Value of You” tracts for men and women!  ($80.00 value)

  • 10 Full-Color Posters  ($20.00 value)

  • 100 “Help for Troubled Times” Brochures  ($35.00 value)

  • ​40 Color Brochures about Western Meadows Ministry

The Value Of You!

Available in 4 different themes in packages of 40!


Some may think we are damaged goods, but Jesus, our master artist, created us wonderfully.  He hasn’t given up on us!  God enjoys his creation.  He will cleanse and restore each of us. He will heal our wounds and patch up our holes.

Our beautifully colored and designed brochure is Western Meadows version of the ‘old fashioned’ tract.

Cowboy Repentance Booklets

24 Rodeo and Ranching Photos; greyscale; over 70 verses to study; 24 pages; 5” x 8”; $2.00 each.  Sold in packages of 20.


We hope you will be excited about the Biblical truths in this powerful little booklet! The Bible is clear, that repenting and turning to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is the best thing anyone can do in life.

So why should we repent?  Because God loves you, God wants to help you, God wants to bless you, and God wants to forgive you! 

Our rodeo cowboy definition of repent is, “Whoa! Stop Sinning!  Get back and get away from sin! Pay attention to God and what he wants you to do!” 


Shirt Pocket Devotionals

..Our Shirt Pocket-size Books To Help You Keep Jesus CLOSE! People PICK THEM UP, READ THEM, AND KEEP THEM!

These work.  Many cowboy ministries have used them over the years.

Look through the next few pages for more details on our premier gift product!  Perfect stocking stuffers or a small gift!  A  great give away for new believers or visitors to your services. 

Six comb-bound books come in a gift bag priced at $15.00.

Six-A-Day Devotionals

31 sets of verses. Six scriptures a day....be blessed! 

Different covers but the same verses inside.  Choose from one of our five cover choices.

Of the thousands of verses in the Bible, these were picked by competing Christian cowboys and cowgirls.  Verses that are relevant and applicable to our lives; verses to help us be better;  verses to show us how to live and speak; and verses to encourage us to call on God in prayer. 


Barrel Racing Journals

Paperback Barrel Racing Journal

Photos of Barrel racers

Comb-bound, Full color;  5.5” x 8”; 64 pages


All mixed together in this small full color book are barrel racing pictures, Scriptures, and a place to keep track of runs, tack used, and ground conditions.

You might want to have one for each horse you are competing on.