Friends Helping Friends

In the same way,

heaven will be happier

over one lost sinner

who returns to God

than over ninety-nine others

who are righteous and

haven't strayed away!

Luke 15:7

Perhaps the most effective way to minister is one-on-one; face-to-face. In "Believe GOD" is my 35 years of experience presented in a simple but no compromising way how I mentor the precious, beautiful, talented , hurting women God has brought into my life.
Using Believe God, you don't have to be a Biblical scholar to help someone.  I have done that for you.  Woven within each page are many of the answers to the questions, doubts, and fears that many have. Please check out the preview of  Believe God book 1 and see how easy it is to help a friend. 
Included in our copper organza gift package is 1 Believe GOD Book 1, a Burgundy Bible, a beautiful poster, and a handful of our products to help you get started.
There is nothing more exciting or fulfilling than to walk with a friend into her relationship with Jesus Christ.  Don't miss this awesome experience, step out in faith, trust God and help that friend that you so dearly love.
This gift if more appropriate for women, but see our Cowboys Like Steak gift for men.
Friends Helping Friends Gift Set