Psalms & Proverbs                                        



“You light a lamp for me.  The Lord, my God, lights up my darkness.”

David penned this psalm.  In the psalms we often see David pleading with God to help him.

We see David being very honest and transparent with God.

Any of us can go through hard times, get discouraged, or be depressed.

This verse is a great beginning for dealing with hard times. It is good for each of us to turn to God when our lives seem dark.

This is a great verse to memorize.  This verse gives us hope! 


  •     Go to God with your problems.
  •     Pour out your heart to Him. 
  •     Expect God to help.
  •     God has a hope and future for each of us.
  •     Nothing is impossible for God.
  •     We must believe the Bible is truth.
  •     We must believe that God wants to help each of us.
  •     We must get our eyes off of our problems and focus on God.
  •     We must wait expectantly for God’s help.

Psalm 18:28


God Lights Up Darkness