New Testament                                        


Let us look at the crowd dynamics in these verses.

Here we have a large crowd following Jesus, they were talking.  When two very needy men cried out to Jesus ‘the crowd’ rebuked them and told them to be quiet.

Rebuke is a rather harsh word for it implies reproof, reprimand, scolding, or lecturing.

This scene is toward the end of Jesus’ ministry.  This crowd of people had to have at least known of the miracles and healing Jesus had done.  They knew he could feed thousands with a few loaves of bread.  Surely they had experienced the compassion and generosity of Jesus.  Why do you suppose ‘the crowd’ scolded these two men?


But the point that I want to make here is this:

THE MEN, SITTING BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, NOT PART OF ‘THE CROWD’, NEEDING A TOUCH FROM JESUS, WOULD NOT BE QUIETED BY THE REBUKE OF ‘THE CROWD’!  That is freaking awesome!!!  Hope that is still a legitimate term of expression used by the younger crowd.  Younger would be anyone that hasn’t had their 60th birthday.


These two men were drawn to Jesus, they wanted to know Him, and they wanted to be healed. They were fervent and persistent, not cowering to the pushy peer pressure of those who seemed to be following Jesus.

Interesting thought here, these two blind men, who were no doubt poverty stricken, who were probably hungry, and who were quite handicapped in defending themselves, faced the jeering crowd.  How cool is this–these men knew what they wanted and they stood firm, not weakened by ‘the crowd’?

The consequence of the bold stand these men took.


Jesus stopped his journey.  These two men, probably regarded as less than nothing to some in ‘the crowd’ are now hearing Jesus say to them, “What do you want me to do for YOU?”  

Okay, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, stops his journey and turns to two men and wants to help them.  Their desire was to be able to see.  Jesus gives them their desire.

Precious reader, if Jesus stopped what he was doing and took time to help these two men, he will do the same for you.  It isn’t about our status, it’s about how bad we want a touch from Jesus.  Jesus wants us to be bold, courageous, and persistent in seeking Him.

Now rivet your attention on Jesus.

With compassion, concern, and consideration Jesus looked at them.  With kindness Jesus touched these men!

When do you think the last time they were touched with kindness, compassion, and concern? Maybe not since their mother’s rocked them to sleep when they were small.

Being touched by the love of Jesus Christ changed them.

Here is a thought to reflect upon.

Perhaps many in ‘the crowd’ had previously been touched by Jesus.  Perhaps some of them had been healed.  Surely some of them had partaken of his feast of loaves and fishes.  So why did ‘the crowd’ now rebuke these men?

It would be a sad state of affairs to think that Christians could be so selfish as to receive the blessings of Jesus and then scorn others in their search and longing for this same blessing.

One more thought to ponder.

The two needy men now healed are following Jesus.  They are part of ‘the crowd’.   How do you think they will act when they come upon other needy people that aren’t a part of ‘the crowd’?

I hope that as they followed Jesus, He became their example.

I pray they lived as Jesus lived.

I hope and pray that not one of us will ever forget from where we came and

what the touch of Jesus did for us.

I pray we will be like Jesus and stop and ask the needy

“What can we do for you?”

May not one of us ever become part of ‘the crowd’ following Jesus who

scorn and ridicule those sitting on the outside–

those who long for a touch and word from Jesus!

Matthew 20: 29-34


The Crowd Said,  "Be Quiet!"