New Testament                                        



Matthew 10:29-31

"Are not two sparrows sold f​or a penny? 

Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. 

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 

So don't be afraid;  you are worth more than many sparrows."



Sparrows are a small, common bird and in the ‘circle of life,’ (to quote a phrase from Lion King) are of little value.  They often go unnoticed—their lives or their deaths. The monetary value of sparrows is minimal.  And yet, God our Heavenly Father knows when each one falls to the ground.  They don’t die apart from the will of God.  And Jesus infuses the disciples with courage by telling them to not be afraid; they are worth more than many sparrows.

It is great news for any of us to know that in the eyes of God, we are worth something.  In this big old world we live in we can feel worthless.  We can be told we are worth less than nothing.  But God says we have worth.  He so cares for us that he knows everything we are going through.  He will give us everything we need for living a holy life.

The life of a disciple isn’t a picnic in the park!

Interestingly, the dozen or so verses preceding these comments on sparrows talk about tribulations and problems that the disciples would encounter in life.

1.  Matthew 10:16-17 says disciples will be sent out like wolves among sheep.  Warning!  The world has people who act like wolves.  They are predators looking whom they can destroy or devour.  Jesus tells us to be on guard against them.  Sheep are only safe from the attack of wolves when they are close to the Shepherd.  The Shepherd is their protection.  We will survive in this world of wolves if we stay close to Jesus.

2.  Matthew 10:21-23 tells us that the Christian disciple can expect betrayal.  It may come from those you love the most.  Men will hate Christ’s disciples. When a disciple was persecuted he was to flee to another place.  From the beginning, becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ was never presented as a picnic in the park.

3.  Matthew 10:24-25 tells us that if Jesus was called Beelzebub, which was a name for the devil, that we too will be called devils.  Isn’t it interesting that as disciples of Christ we are called to fight against the devil; but are called devils.

Let us not underestimate the effectiveness of the devil’s tactics.

     a.  He easily deceives those that do not know Christ that their enemies are the ones that can show them the way of salvation.

     b.  While those who are perishing are fighting the wrong battle the devil continues unnoticed on his path of stealing, killing, and                 destroying them.

Do not be afraid for we are of worth!

In Matthew 10:26-31 afraid is used four times.  In our flesh, we are fearful creatures.  For any of us, thinking about living among wolves, betrayal, persecution, or being called a devil can be a bit unnerving.  Christ tells us not to be afraid.  And even more, in spite of the fearful life situations we are put into, we are to proclaim Christ.  We are to shout the good news of Jesus Christ from the roof tops.  Christ says to do it without fear, because we are of worth to Him.

We are not to fear, for the Good Shepherd knows everything about our lives, even the number of hairs on our head.

We are to trust Jesus Christ with our lives.

Our comfort as we walk through this life filled with many reasons to be afraid is this– we are of worth in the eyes of the magnificent, glorious, God Almighty.

He cares about every detail of our lives.  He will not let his disciples fall without it being His will.  God is with us, whom shall we fear?

Matthew 10:29-31


Don't Be Afraid, You Have Worth!