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So why should I spend time getting to know God and the Bible, so what is in it for me anyway?  I have a career, a family, friends, things to do, places to see, much to conquer—is it really worth it to take time out of a busy day to learn about God?

Selfishness is a sin—a problem for most.  An interesting thing about God—He knows we are selfish and knows that we are motivated when we see how something will help us.  And so, the Bible is absolutely full of benefits and blessings that God gives to His kids.  God is generous and He likes to give—He especially gives to his humble, loving, obedient kids.

When the book of Jeremiah was written, God was upset at His people.  They were sinning by ignoring God and doing their own thing.  Through the prophet Jeremiah God pleads with His people.  He tells them to turn to Him, because He has a plan for them a plan for good and not for evil.  Because of sins of selfishness, rebellion, stubbornness, and pride many missed this good plan.

It may come as a surprise to you, but there is much more to Christianity than going to heaven when you die.  In ways, going to heaven is like the cherry on top of the banana split.  Heaven is like the bonus at the end of your life.  The benefits of walking with God, knowing God and following Him throughout our lives are awesome.  It is almost unbelievable what God wants to do in our lives.  From the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior God is working in us.

Some of the benefits of following God that are listed in Psalm 119:

BLESSED—Blessed are people of integrity, who follow the law of the Lord. (1)  God lavishes His love on His kids.  He gives good gifts to His kids.  We cannot out give God.

PURITY—How can a young person stay pure?  By obeying your word and following its rules. (9)

WISDOM—Your decrees give me wise advice. (24)

DIRECTION—Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for your commands are my constant guide. (98)  In verse 105 we are told that the Bible is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path.  When we know God and His Word, then we will know the direction to turn when faced with decisions.

ENCOURAGEMENT—Your promise revives me; it comforts me in all my troubles. (50, 25)  God knows when we hurt, why we hurt, and where we hurt.  God’s comfort is always available, we must be open to receive it.

HAPPINESS—Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found. (35)

FREEDOM—I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments. (45)  God’s freedom is huge and means many things.  To put it simply—you are free to be what God created you to be.  When we walk in God’s freedom we are no longer controlled by the fear of rejection.  We are no longer people pleasers.

GOOD JUDGMENT—I believe in your commands; now teach me good judgment and knowledge. (66)

PROTECTION—All your commands are trustworthy.  Protect me from those who hunt me down without cause. (86, 154)  One of the most incredible examples of protection in the Bible is in the story of David.  David was a mighty warrior.  Because of God’s protection David lived to be an old man.

RESTORATION—I will never forget your commandments, for you have used them to restore my joy and health. (93, 107)

PERSEVERANCE—Lord, sustain me as you promised, that I may live! (116, 117)  God wants to give us the strength to sustain us through the trials of life.  He wants to fill us with staying power and perseverance. 

FAIRNESS—Your decrees are always fair; help me to understand them, that I may live. (144)  Life may not be fair, but God is.  What a relief to know that Someone is fair.

PEACE—Those who love your law have great peace and do not stumble. (165)  This may be one of the greatest benefits—peace.  Peace of mind.  Peace with God.  Freedom from anxiety and fear.  Freedom from condemnation.

The best cowboy in the world didn’t learn his event by spending a few minutes a day in the practice pen—and the most humble, loving, obedient Christians didn’t get that way by just spending a few minutes a day with God.  The more time we spend getting to know Him and applying His Words to our life and in our heart the more benefits we will see.  It takes time, even years to learn God’s ways. 

Some say they don’t have time to spend with God.  Some say that because of their life style they can’t obey God.  Who of us could not continually use the peace, strength, direction, and wisdom God wants to give?  Who of us doesn’t need the encouragement of a loving Father?  Who of us doesn’t want the blessings, joy, and happiness that God wants to lavish on us?   Who of us doesn’t need the protection of God?  And who among us doesn’t want to be free—free from all that holds us back to be the best that we can be?

Could it be that God really is on our side?  Could it be that God wants to help us in all our ways?  Could it be that God wants to hold us with his right hand?  Could it be that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, more than anything we can hope or imagine?  Could it be that nothing is impossible with God?  Could it be that spending more time with God is the absolutely best decision you could make?  Could anything in this world benefit you more than turning to God Almighty, through his son Jesus Christ, and letting Him be Lord of your life?

Psalm 119


What's In It For Me?