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King David, of the Bible, did many things wrong.  He committed adultery with Bathsheba.  To try and cover his sin David had Uriah, Sheba’s husband, killed. Uriah was in David’s army, one of his devoted warriors.  David’s kids were a mess.  However, God loved David.  The Bible records God telling David he would give him anything he wanted.

Now what was so special about David? If you will read the book of Psalms you will see, it was his attitude toward God.  He loved, enjoyed, and delighted in his Lord. He was thankful with all of his heart for God’s forgiveness, faithfulness, mercy, blessings, and unfailing love.  He was assured that God was able to give him the power and strength he needed.  He was thankful that God was guiding and instructing him.  He valued the protection that God gave.  David acknowledges that all the good things in his life came from God.  David was glad, clapped his hands, shouted with joy, sang and danced before the Lord.  HE ENJOYED GOD!

David’s life was not easy.  He was the smallest and youngest of eight brothers. As a boy, he tended sheep.  Before he became king, he lived in caves, running with his soldiers for nearly twenty years because King Saul was trying to murder him.  After becoming king, he had trouble with his kids.  The Bible records that one son died in infancy.  David’s daughter was raped by her brother.  Two sons fought each other and one was killed.  One son tried to overthrow David as king.  David’s life wasn’t perfect or easy, but he seldom became discouraged.

King David fought many battles.  In the beginning the men that came to fight for David were described as social misfits, but at the end of their careers they were called mighty warriors.  Psalm 44:3 reads, “They did not conquer the land with their swords; it was not their own strength that gave them victory.  It was by Your mighty power that they succeeded; it was because You favored them and smiled on them.”

David commands us and he commanded his warriors to praise and worship God with joy and thanksgiving.  Being excited about God seems to have been a prerequisite for being a mighty soldier.  These men displayed incredible superhuman talent in war.  The stories of these warriors are found in 1 Chronicles 11 and 12.  In those days men stood toe to toe and fought to the death with swords, spears, and rocks.  In one battle Jashobeam used his spear and killed 300 of the enemy. At another time Benaiah chased a lion into a pit and despite the snow and slippery ground he killed it. Another time he killed an Egyptian that was 7 and 1/2 feet tall.  Of the warriors from Gad, the weakest among them could take on a hundred regular troops and the strongest could take on a thousand!  Think about it.  David and his men declare that it was God’s face shining on them that gave them the strength to be victorious over their enemy.

David was no sissy, nor were his soldiers. They were not ashamed of being dependent upon Almighty God.  David and his warriors enjoyed God. They thanked God. David relied on God and He gave them incredible victories.  David’s kingdom was large.  David worshiped God more than any other king in the Bible.  He was excited about what God was doing in his life.  He delighted in the Lord, and the Lord gave him the desires of his heart.

The key to David’s life—was his attitude of love for God. 
David delighted, rejoiced, and enjoyed his Lord
with all of his heart.