God's Protection

Shirt Pocket Devotionals


American Edition

Inside each pocket devotional are 32 verses from Psalms about God's protection.

America is headed for a train wreck that only God can stop! 

Keep this booklet in your pocket or purse to encourage you that God protects those who fear Him. 

Available in bulk or individual quantities. Buy a bulk package to encourage your neighbors, your church, the military, your politicians, or parents and grandparents concerned about the future of America and how that will affect their kids and grandkids.  

God's Protection Gift Pack
$ 5.00

Our gift pack includes

2 protection pocket devotionals,

2 5x7 Psalm 4:8 cards.

God's Protection Bulk Pack
$ 45.00

Our gift pack includes

24 protection pocket devotionals,

24 5x7 Psalm 4:8 cards.