Psalms, Proverbs                                        



Heavenly Father,

I thank you for who you are. 

​I thank you that your word tells us that you want to protect us. 

Help me to depend upon you and you alone. 

Let me be reminded that all of the protection that comes into my life is by your hand.


I ask for your protection in my life, and in the lives of my family.  I cry out and plead for your protection of them.

I ask Lord that you would protect our health and our finances. 

Keep us healthy so that we might have your strength and courage to serve this hurting world. 

Bless our finances and ever keep us free from greed.

Protect the world of rodeo. 

May we be a lifestyle that glorifies You.

Help us to make a living in this world you have called us.
Please keep us physically safe.

Keep us safe in the arena and on the road. 

Keep our animals safe.

Give each of us wisdom.

I ask Lord that you would protect our relationships.

Don’t let the devil destroy our family. 

Please protect the relationships that we have with other Christians.

Protect the relationships we have with those who don’t know you.

I ask Lord, that you also would protect our speech.

Let our words be your words, that they would be edifying, encouraging, and inspiring. 

May we build others up and say the hard things with love, that others may come to You.

Please Lord protect our minds and our hearts. 

May we not be drawn into discouragement, depression, or defeat. 

Let us know your words of conviction and repent when we sin. 

Let us be controlled by the Holy Spirit not our emotions.

I also ask Lord, that you would protect our freedom. 

Jesus came to set us free. 

Free us from fear. 

Keep us free—free to be and free to do what You have planned for each of us.

And Lord, one more thing, protect our dreams. 

Protect the dreams that you have given us,

let them burn within us

and let each of us go on to do that which you have created us to do and to be. 

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray,





A Prayer for Protection