New Testament                                        





Putting On The Armor Of God

Lord, we ask you to put your armor on us.

Put on the helmet of salvation and the breast plate of righteousness.

Let our heart and mind be protected from the world and from the enemy.

Let our belt of truth be tied tightly.

May we live with integrity.
Let us bring peace wherever you take us.

Let us walk with courage, strength, and determination wherever you send us. 


May our shield of faith be large.

Increase our faith until all doubt is gone that we might put out the flaming arrows of the enemy. 

Thank you that you are our shield standing before us in every fight if we call on you.


The Bible is our sword, a weapon to fight the enemy. 

Help each of us to hide these words in our heart, so that we might quench the enemies lies.


And one more thing,

teach us to pray with our heart, and to pray by the power of the Holy Spirit.

May we be strong,

with your mighty power, as we face the enemies of life.


May we have your strength

so that we may stand strong and not be defeated.