Old Testament                                                        Job 1

Growing Weary

#17--Steps to Peace

At times we can become very tired.  We may be tired of evil people and the devil and of being stupid enough to believe them.  It’s possible that you have opened your heart in the past and trusted people that have deceived and turned on you.  Most of us have been hurt by other people.  And at times we can just want to give up. 

If you think God doesn’t understand your pain you can read through the first chapters of the book of Job.  Job was a righteous, blameless, God fearing man and to test his faith God allowed Satan to take everything from him, except his life.  Job, a very righteous man, experienced great anguish of heart and a deep sense of hopelessness wishing he had never been born.  Job wanted to die, to give up because he had no hope. 

What is interesting in the book of Job is how he cries out for someone to listen to him.  His friends don’t really listen to him.  They don’t hear his cries of hopelessness and pain.  His friends are just waiting to tell poor Job what he had done wrong and what he must do to fix his problem.  You, too, may have gone through this.  You just want someone to listen to you.  You just want someone to care.  Maybe friends are being less than compassionate.  Sometimes, we as women are so busy trying to fix a problem that we lose our compassion.  The Bible tells us to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  Unfortunately, many of us are so worried about what we are going to say next, we don’t really listen.


Be assured my precious friend that God cares and He listens.  God has a future and a hope for you.  Even though the story of Job starts out dismally there is a happy ending.  God restores Job’s health, fortunes and family.  When we are going through hard times we need to have faith like Job and believe and look to Jesus.  Don’t get down on yourself if you lose your hope for a period of time, like Job did.  Pain can do that to any of us. Please, please just keep crying out to God for help.  He hears your cry and He will help, for He is faithful and His love for you never ends.  

God has a reason for you to be alive.  He has something for you to do.  My dear sister, there are many women in this world that hurt, many women who are heading down the wrong path.  Because of where you have been, they will listen to you!  Satan is scared of the impact you will have on other women's lives and he would rather you be dead.  He likes to watch you and others suffer.

But I beg you, to keep up the fight, let's see what God can do with a brilliant woman who has been through hell and back. 

I am excited about what God is doing in your life. 

I know that He will make something very beautiful out of what Satan intended for destruction. 

Give God some more time and He will make your life beautiful. 

Jesus came and died that we might have peace.  Peace is possible and will come into your life.  Please give God time to work in you.

God hates sin and is angry at sin.  If you have repented of all sin, God is not angry with you!  He loves you. 

You are his child and He is working to help you. 

Satan may want you more, but he has lost!  He can't have you.  You are in the hands of Jesus. 

God loves you and is protecting you.  You are under the protection of God. 

It is like being in a house when there is a terrible storm going on, you can hear the thunder and see the lightning and hear the wind blowing hard,

but you are safe even though it sounds really bad.

You may have been afraid to express your feelings to someone else, thinking you would freak them out or they would think you were crazy. 

After all these years I am not surprised at the ways of Satan and how he destroys God’s daughters.

I want you to look to Jesus and what He did for you and don’t give up.

Please don’t give up and don’t ever consider suicide.

I want you to keep on, and keep your eyes on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.

If you need help and more counseling please email us.  We will get with you as soon as possible. 

If we don’t get with you soon, try again! It is not that we don’t care, something has happened to our email service.

With God’s love,  Judy