Mamma had a problem, the world would call it an addiction, the Bible called it sin. So writing from a Christian view point we will call the problem--SIN! Mamma kept the sin hidden, noone knew, except God, for of course he knows everything about us, sees every problem and loves us still. But the Bible is clear, in spite of all our sins, problems, or addictions, God loves us forever, totally, and unconditionally. Mamma knew it was wrong, but somehow in her own strength she could not quit doing what she knew she shouldn’t do. Mamma lived in shame and torment, fearing that some day her sin would be found out and that others would reject her. Like many women, Mama, was so afraid of rejection and so wanted to be liked and apprciated.


One day, many years ago, Mamma’s worst fears were realized. Her sin was found out. It was big, many people’s pocket books were hurt. And because Americans so value the dollar, and to our shame many Christians put the importance of the dollar over the love of God, her sin was to be punished to the highest degree.


Mamma was wrong. Mamma sinned. But the Christians around her also sinned.


Jesus came and set an example to show us grace, not giving someone what they deserve but loving them. Jesus reached down and touched the prostitute, who according to Jewish law was to be stoned, and he told her to go and sin no more. So let me be perfectly clear, God defines sin in the Bible, clearly. I believe that what the Bible says is sin, is sin. I totally believe Christians are to not make it a practice of sinning, but we all can sin. Sin is to be punished, and all sins have consequences. And when we repent and agree with God, our sins are forgiven, and thrown into the sea of forgetfulness!


What about the actions of the Christians around her? When they found out she made a mistake they acted like a pack of wolves. She was down and the world criticized and rejected her. They were self righteous, giving their opinions of how they never would do that and how Mamma was never welcome in their office again.


The Christians around Mamma ignored God’s command and Jesus’ example of grace and mercy. Christians have a horribe reputation of shooting their wounded.


If you want a Biblical account of this, read the book of Job. Job’s friends threw him under the bus for about 35 chapters. It is weary to read because the self righteous go on and on and on about how bad Job was. The friends took turns throwing mud on Job, never listening to him. Their mouths were in high gear, their ears turned off, and compassion and understanding was nowhere to be found. And the very interesting part of the story--in the end God rebukes the friends and tells them they are the ones who sinned.


Job’s friends got the spanking from God because they lacked love and meekness. Meekness is a great old word! In the old dictionaries the meaning was, the ability to get in another man’s shoes and walk where he has walked and feel what he is feeling and with that you then have every emotion in control that you treat him as you would want to be treated, and as Jesus would treat him.


Church, we have to quit following the pattern of our American culture, we need in every way to be meek. God is not pleased with the self righteous who throw nasty morsels of criticism and mud at one who God loves. 

Mamma Gets Mud Thrown

At Her.

   Once upon a time, there was a very sweet brown haired girl. She was fortunate enough to be adopted into a wonderful ranching family. This darling girl grew up and married a very nice man. They had children. This was a God-fearing, church going, living right kind of family. They were the kind of family that would be welcome in any neighborhood.


Mamma was one of the nicest women any one could meet, and anyone would welcome her as their friend. She was just that kind of Christian woman. Nice, really nice. She worked hard out of the home, took care of the kids and their home. She was a great cook and a good good Mom, always encouraging her kids to do their best and be their best.