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Everyone has needs!  God sees the needs in each and every heart at every barrel race that was ever run.  For us, we often think winning at barrel racing will fill those needs.  Winning is rewarding but it can never fill our deepest needs.  God and God alone knows our deepest needs and only He can satisfy those needs.  And what is more, our awesome God wants to fill those needs!  Some people would like to fill the needs of hurting people but aren’t able, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly, more than anything we can think or image. 

In the book of Matthew, in the Message paraphrase, we see that when God fills these needs, He calls them blessings.  We are blessed when we have peace of mind, blessed when we are content with who we are, and blessed when we know where we fit in.  Perhaps the greatest blessing in life is to know that we are deeply and unconditionally loved by our Heavenly Father.

Because of His Fatherly love for us, He wants to bless each of us—greatly.  God doesn’t play favorites.  Nor does he pour out His blessings on only a small few.  God’s blessings are readily available to all.  Any of us will receive in abundance God’s blessings when we humbly accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This means we let Jesus save us and we let Jesus be our boss.  We totally acknowledge that we cannot save ourselves and that God’s way is the right way.  God works best in whole-hearted people who are determined to serve and obey Him no matter what life throws at them.  God works for those who love Him.


Some of us live many years missing these blessings. 


Who of us have not ignored God? 

Who of us have ever felt unworthy to be blessed by God? 

Who of us have ever thought we didn’t need God’s blessings? 

Who of us haven’t been angry at God and walked away from Him at some time? 

Who of us haven’t been so hurt or so disappointed that we lost all hope of life being better? 

And who of us have been ungrateful for some of our past blessings? 

God never stopped loving us when we had those attitudes but they may have kept His blessings from being lavished on us.  Much like having a rebellious teenager, you never stop loving them, but there may be times when the truck keys and credit cards are taken away.  God patiently waits for us to turn to Him and ask for help.  He waits for us to depend upon Him like a small child his father.  He waits for us to love Him.  In spite of our attitudes and actions God loves us, God wants to help us, and God will never give up on us.  As soon as we change our attitudes and actions and humbly and totally turn towards Him, He starts blessing.

Some of us may think that the greatest blessing God could give is a gold buckle or a great horse.  Bozo, Scamper, and Dutch are awesome and it is a great achievement to win a gold buckle, but they can’t fill our deepest needs.  At best they are only substitutes.  Listed below are just four of the things God wants to bless us with.  His desire is to continually and fully fill these deep needs.


  • It is a blessing when we get our head and heart right! (Matthew 5:8)

  • It is a blessing when we are content with who we are and the way God made us. (Matthew 5:5)

  • It is a blessing to have others care about us and realize God’s care for us. (Matthew 5:8)

  • It is a blessing to find our place and where we fit in this world. (Matthew 5:9)

God loves us unconditionally and totally.  Jesus came to save us and give us an abundant life.  On Jesus’ last night on earth He told His disciples that He came to give them peace and joy. He wants all lives to be full of joy, love, and peace.  He wants us to love others just as He loved us. 

God’s ways are deep.  God’s blessings are great!  He knows what we really need.  He wants to bless each and everyone of us with peace of mind and peace of heart. He wants to surround us with people that care about us.  God couldn’t love us any more than He does and He wants us to know that.  His comforting love is always available, He wants us to feel it.  He wants us to know how valuable we are in His eyes and then be content with who we are.  God has a plan and a place for each of us.  He wants to bless you by showing you just how very valuable and needed you are in His kingdom.

God is standing now at the door of your heart, gently knocking.  Won’t you let him come in and let him bless you beyond anything you ever thought imaginable?

Matthew 5:5


What We All Need