Psalms, Proverbs                                        


Proverbs 8:6-8:  (NLT) 

“Listen to me!   

For I have important things to tell you.  

Everything I say is right, for I speak the truth and detest every kind of deception.  

My advice is wholesome.  

There is nothing devious or crooked in it.”  

Just looking at the Bible.


For  many years of my life I just looked at my Mom’s Bible that sat on a sideboard.  I had no idea how important, how valuable, and how beneficial the words in that book were.  Today, so many years later, I now treasure the words that are in the Bible.


Solomon wrote many of the Proverbs.


Much of the book of Proverbs was written by Solomon about 960 B.C.  Solomon was one of David’s sons.  Solomon became king after David’s death.  God gave Solomon wisdom, and was known in many cultures as a man with great wisdom.


The first few chapters of Proverbs were written as though “Wisdom” were speaking to the reader.  This is talking about the wisdom that comes from knowing God and knowing His Words as given to us through the Bible.  We are not talking about having a PhD from Harvard as one who is wise.  The Bible describes the wise as those who follow and obey the commandments of God.  The Bible describes as foolish any who don’t listen to and obey the Bible.


What the Bible tells us about Godly wisdom.


These three small verses tell us some of the reasons we should read it, a lot, thoroughly, and with great intensity.


1.  God’s wisdom has IMPORTANT things to tell us.  

2.  EVERYTHING God’s wisdom has to say is right.  

3.  God’s wisdom speaks the TRUTH.  

4.  God’s wisdom DETESTS DECEPTION.  

5.  God’s advice is WHOLESOME.  

6.  God’s advice is never DEVIOUS OR CROOKED.


Precious people, in a world of deception it is absolutely totally refreshing to know that when I go to the Bible, I can believe it.     

It brings me great peace to know that in the middle of this messed up, cheating, lying world there is a place that each of us can go and read the truth!

Proverbs 8: 6-8


Listen To God's Wisdom