Have you ever done things you knew were wrong?  Do you ever think that you have messed up so many times that you will just always be bad?  There is an old saying that a leopard can’t change his spots—and that is true.  A leopard can’t change his spots, but God can.  Humans don’t need spots changed, they need their hearts changed.  While we aren’t able to change our hearts, God is able.  God wants to give each of us a new heart, a heart that wants to do right.  And then, God doesn’t just drop us and say figure it out, He wants to guide our life.  He wants to direct every step we take—not because He is a tyrannical king, but because as our loving Father, He wants us to get through life as safe and productive as possible.

Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.  He then sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in all who would believe—to empower us to live like Him.  We can be led by the Spirit of God.  How awesome!  The creator of the universe, the One who holds all things together, the One who knows everything wants to guide our lives. He will help us to do right.  He will empower us by the Holy Spirit.  He gives us the Bible as a road map for our life.  We can change when we choose to be led by God.  When we walk with God our lives will change for the better.

When you sincerely pray and ask God for direction and wisdom, He in faithfulness and love answers your prayers.  Sometimes it is hard to hear God.  Not because of God, but because we aren’t really listening.  We often hear what we want to hear, not what God is saying.   If we don’t really know God and our relationship with Him is superficial, or if we are too busy to listen, it may seem like He isn’t answering.  But God keeps His promises and one is to answer those who call on Him with a sincere heart. Our prayers are precious to God.  He wants to guide His people and He is always there for us.

God does awesome things for those who are led by Him.  He promises that when we love His laws, our peace will be great; we won’t stumble. (Psalm 119:165) Part of the reason for this great peace is that when you walk, the voice of God will be behind you telling you to go to the right or left. (Isaiah 30:21)  God promises to make our path of life straight.  (Proverbs 3:5)  He promises to guard our course and protect our way. (Proverbs 2:8)  God guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His ways.  (Psalm 25:9)  God will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. (Psalm 32:8)  God will be our guide even to the end.  (Psalm 48:14)


Let’s compare God leading the Christian to a cowboy training a horse.  An honest horse and a trustworthy Christian are similar.  A horse with no try is almost worthless in the arena.  A Christian that won’t obey God lives his life doing things of no eternal value.  It is frustrating to ride a horse with much potential and plenty of know how, but he just cheats you, looking for an easy way out—always wanting to go back to the barn. This horse is much like the person doing what he wants when he wants. His life of comfort is of primary concern.  Only when a horse wants to obey and please the cowboy will he make an A-string rodeo horse.  Only if a cowboy is willing to let God lead will he make an A-string Christian.


Could it be possible that God has given us good horses to teach us about Him? A good horse does his job, even when he hurts, he tries.  As a cowboy you know what kind of a horse pleases you, and that’s a lot how God wants you to be with Him. For example, some horse trainers believe getting a horse’s confidence will make him a better horse; a horse must like what he is doing and be attentive but relaxed to perform his best.  A cowboy finds out what a horse is good at and then lets him do it. The Bible tells us that in quietness and confidence will be our strength (Isaiah 30:15) —to be the best that we can be God will instill in us His quiet patience and joyful confidence. God has made each of us with special gifts and talents to do the job He has planned for us. When a horse is too hot he isn’t much good in the arena and when a person is nervous and anxious his productivity is reduced.  God commands us to be anxious for nothing. (Philippians 4:6)  And the comparisons between horses and Christian cowboys could go on and on.


God loves cowboys!  He died so that we might live.  He wants us to follow Him and receive His best plan for our lives.  You might think God would only work and guide the perfect people; but there are no perfect people.  Now God our Heavenly Father is grieved because of all the wrong things we do, and He may discipline us severely for our mistakes;  but He will never reject us or quit loving us.  God is patient with us—He keeps waiting for each and every one of His precious children to turn to Him so that He can guide them down the right path.  God wants to lead cowboys and cowgirls with love, truth, mercy, and grace.

  Old Testament                                        



Isaiah 30;21


Walking With God