Buying in Bulk for your Ministry

Cowboys Like Steak!  Feed Them the Word!



Western Meadows has been in Christian cowboy ministry for 25 years.

We have been there and done it. 

We have tried and tested these products.

We give them Biblical truth, in a simple, clear way.


Cowboys like steak--not soup! 

They don't want their steak ground up, with fancy sauces, or put in soup. 

They just like a good steak.

Cowboys want the truth, they don't want it watered down.



Listed below are more in-depth descriptions or other uses for some of our products.

Bible Study for Cowboys
Believe GOD Discpleship Library
  • Written for the cowboy culture--lots of pictures and to the point.
  • For those in your cowboy church who are hungry for more of God.
  • Presented simply; uncompromisingly but with great love and insight.
  • With your Bible open, and a passion to hear from God, this discipleship library, Believe GOD, will aid, encourage, teach, and direct you!
  • Bibles are sold for $15.95 a piece; and $13.95 for each additional Bible. Or by case quantities.

  • They work well with our Believe GOD Bible Study.

  • For beginning Bible students, it is often tough to find verses.  Believe GOD comes with the page number in our Black Bible making it easy to find verses.  Also in a group study it eliminates the embarrassment that new believers can have for not knowing the Bible.


Easy-Carry Cowboy Bibles
Compact Cowboy Bibles

​Hard Cover-Black NIV 2011



There are four books in the entire library.

Study duration for each book is 6 months.

We believe in going slow, precept upon precept,

like a slow soaking rain on the heart!


You can preview the first 32 pages of each book. 

Please look at the Table of Contents and see all that we cover. We have tried to be Biblically correct; giving numerous verses to support each point.




Preview our ad for Believe God.

Bible Study Special

Believe God has 4 volumes. 

We recommend you start with Book 1.

If you are buying in bulk the 1st Book is  $31.99.
All additional books are $30.00


For this special all books must be the same volume.

You save $2.00 on each additional book.


 Our One-Time Gift to Cowboy Ministries
Free Ministry Outreach
We want to help you get going
in your Christian ministry.
As a one time gift,

we will send you our ministry package,

a $290 value.  

We ask for $25.00

to cover shipping and handling.


You can sample all of our products and see which ones work for your church.





We offer our burgundy soft cover Bible for $8.95 for the first one and $6.95 for each additional.

Both of our Bibles are just that, the Holy Bible with a picture of cowboy boots on the cover.


Soft Cover Burgundy NIV

The gift includes:


5 NIV Soft-Cover Burgundy Bibles. ($45)

18 Full-Color Shirt Pocket Devotionals ($45)

20 Repentance Booklets ($40)

80 The Value of You Tracts ($80)

10 Full Color Posters

100 Help for Troubled Times Brochures ($35)

40 Full Color Brochures about Western Meadows


1 box       .....................................  $22.50
2 boxes   .....................................  $42.50
5 boxes   .....................................  $102.50
10 boxes  ..................................... $202.50


In each order, your first box is $22.50, all additionals are $20.00 each.  You save $8.00 when you buy 5 boxes.   

An Unconventional way to Get Cowboys to read the Word--
and it works!
Shirt-Pocket Devotionals
  • Give your church steak sized bites of the word.
  • Each unintimadating book has 32 verses. 
  • Tested and tried for over 15 years in rodeo ministries.
  • These have also been used for  gifts at Rodeo Bible camps.

New Believer's Handout
Repentance Booklets
Great handout for new believers
or for a Bible study.
Could be past out after altar calls
or baptisms. 
This compact inexpensive booklet is loaded with cowboy pictures and 50 verses to look up.
Get 'em started in the Word.

These brochures are $1.00 a piece and are sold in packages of 40. 



You might like these to welcome new visitors to your cowboy church.
The Value of You! Tracts
  • Full Color Tri-Fold Brochures
  • What we think is so special about this tract is that we use Psalm 139:14-16.
  • So many people struggle with their worth, so imagine the impact you can make by telling a new visitor that 'They have worth, God says so! '
  • Rick was in prison ministry for twelve years.  The story told in this tract was given to a large Bible study with inmates--and it made a huge impact. 
We created these for cowboy church held at rodeos. 
Cowboy Posters
  • 8x10 Full Color Posters with a Scripture on each one. 
  • Hundreds have been given out.
  • Church goers would pick one up as a souvenir and kids would pick one up and have their favorite cowboy autograph them
  • at the rodeo.
  • Give your kids a taste of God's Word to hang on their walls.

Specially packaged for ministry.

Different than our gift bags offered in our catalog,

here you buy ten of the same book.

We offer 6 different rodeo action covers.


Get your church involved
in community outreach.
Tough Times Devotionals

 Look these over and see if these would work for your church to pass out

in your community.

Wherever people are hurting and losing hope, these 50 verses from Psalms will comfort, encourage and can take someone from despair to hope.  God's Word is simply presented here. 


These brochures have been sent to communities where hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods have hit.

Also being passed out at funeral homes and hospitals.



These are economically priced at $2.00 a piece and sold in packages of 20.


By clicking on the preview button you can look at each page of the book.

Our posters are full color and are $1.20 a piece. Sold in packages of 10. You can buy ten Ranch themed or 10 rodeo themed

Click the button below to preview covers.

We have made these as inexpensively as possible and offer them for $.40 a piece.


Black and white, quarter folded brochures;

4” x 10.5”. Priced at  .40 cents a piece.

Sold in shrink-wrapped packages of

25 or 100.


Click preview below and see the 4 options

as well as read the entire tract.

Click preview below to read the entire brochure.