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Psalm 86 is a great psalm for cowboys to use as a guide in everyday prayers.


  •     In it we see that it is a good thing to urgently and constantly ask God for help. 

  •     It is God’s perfect will to help us, to show us favor, and to give us happiness.

  •     When we ask, God will strengthen, comfort, and show mercy to us.

  •     It is a great thing in the eyes of God for his kids to admit they need his help!



The better we get to know anyone, the more we know where we stand with that person. 

Our prayers will be more effective the better we know God.


  •     We know that God loves us with an unfailing, a ‘no matter what’ kind of great love. (86:5,13)

  •     We know that God is all truth, whatever the Bible says is true.  Whatever God says He will do, He does. (86:11)

  •     Knowing God helps us to pray right and to look for big things from Him. (86:8-10)

  •     We know that God is slow to get angry, and so very forgiving. (86:5,15)

  •     We know He is good and wants to answer our prayer.  We can ask God to give us happiness and to show us favor. (86:4-5,16-17)

  •     We know God is merciful and gracious.  Men rarely show mercy to another man, nor do men deserve mercy, but God is always merciful when we ask. (86:3,15-16)

  •     We know God hates sin.  God hears the prayers of those who believe in Jesus Christ.  He only responds to the prayers of those with repentant hearts.  Everyone sins, but the one who holds onto sins and refuses to deal with them, God ignores.  In Psalm 66:18 we are told that if we cherish sin, our prayers won’t be answered.

  • All of us have had prayers that were not answered.  Sometimes it seems as if our prayers fall on deaf ears or like calling someone and leaving messages, but never hearing back.

  • When God doesn’t answer our prayers it isn’t because he can’t.  It is because he won’t.

  • When we ask for things against God’s will, He says no.  Sometimes God waits to see how much try we have—how much heart we have to keep on praying.  Sometimes the sins of others or the devil can hinder the answer of our prayers.  Many times the reason for unanswered prayer is that something is wrong in our lives.  Either we have sin that we refuse to deal with or we have the wrong motives in our prayers.  If we come to God half-hearted, half-brained, and half-spirited should He listen to us?  Of course not.  


Attitude and motive count big in prayer.  We must make sure our prayers are not hindered because we have the wrong attitude.  James tells us that we ask and don’t receive because we have the wrong motives.

  • We need God’s help.  In humility we ask for help.  Our attitude is sincere.  God never expects us to live life on our own. (86:1,5,7)

  • Our hearts must be devoted to God.  We must be loyal and faithful to Him. (86:2)

  •  As Christians our attitude must be that of a servant.  We must live to serve God and to do whatever He wants.  When we have a servant’s heart jealousy disappears because we consider others more important than ourselves.  Jealousy can be one of those hidden sins that give us rotten attitudes that truly stops any prayer from being successful. (86:2, 16)

  •     We must trust in the Lord with all of our heart.  When we pray we must believe.  Jesus says that He could do no miracles in Nazareth because of unbelief.

  •     Whatever is the most important thing in our life is our god.  Jesus Christ must be our God to have our prayers answered.  It’s all about Jesus, not us.  When we center our lives on God, He in turn lavishes his love on us.  This is an awesome thing. (86:2)

  •     We must rely on God.  God is in control of our lives and all that we have and all that we are depends upon Him.

  •     God is the source of our strength and happiness.  God wants his people strong and determined but we must be determined to depend upon God. (86:4)

  •     Because sin stops prayers, be quick to repent.  Receive God’s forgiveness. (86:5,11)

  •     We must pray with urgency, fervently, and constantly.  We must persevere in prayer. (86:3,6)

  •     We must call on God whenever trouble strikes.  Call on God first, not when everything else fails. (86:7)

  •     We must be teachable; willing to learn God’s ways and then live them out.  Stubbornness can be sin.  We must honestly evaluate our stubbornness, and then determine to learn and to live God’s way no matter what. (86:11)

  •     With all of our heart we must try to live to honor, praise, and glorify God. (86:11-12)

  •     We ask God mercifully not to give us what we deserve and in His graciousness to give us more than we deserve. (86:16)

  •     We must be willing to receive God’s comfort and help. (86:17)

The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray.  We must not be too hard on ourselves if we feel our prayers are inadequate.  It takes time and practice.  What’s important is to keep praying to God wholeheartedly, earnestly, and fervently.  Trust Him.  Pray humbly and sincerely.  God will listen.  Look and listen for His answer.

Psalm 86


Right Attitude In Prayer