Believe GOD-Prayer 4 Forgive My Hard Heart, Soften it!


Heavenly Father,

We believe Your word. Forgive us, Lord, for our hard hearts. Lord, soften our hearts. Let Your river of living water flow into us.

I choose to let You soften my heart. Even better, give me a new heart. Take away this heart of stone and give me one soft and tender toward You.

Thank You that Your word exposes what the enemy is doing in our lives. Thank You that You’ve given me the answer to receiving all You have for me.

Heavenly Father, You love each one reading this and want each to believe and receive from You. We choose to draw near to Jesus with open and soft hearts.

We ask, Lord, that Your words would melt the hearts of those reading. May Your words soften our hearts like softly falling rain on a hard field.

Thank You, Lord, that You hear and answer sincere prayers. We ask that Your Word not come back null and void. Fulfill Your promise, Lord. May these seeds of truth take deep root and become alive in our hearts.

I accept my responsibility in this process! I will no longer blame You. WOW—you have equipped me to understand and hear. How awesome that You will help us to keep Your commands. That is so cool.

I want to obey you and listen to You. I pray that when I hear the words of the Bible, my heart will become softer.

Help our unbelief! May we believe in Your love and generosity. You are so great, so awesome. Forgive this world for not appreciating and honoring You. We’ve turned our eyes on ourselves. We’re so filled with an arrogant pride, thinking we’re as smart as You. Forgive us for thinking we don’t need help, that we don’t need You.

In the mighty name of Jesus, we pray, Amen.