New Testament                                      Romans 15:13

The Spin

#11--Steps to Peace

I enjoy watching news shows and watching how the politicians, Democrats and Republicans, “spin” each issue. (“Spin” is a word used by broadcasters to describe the twisting of stories to have situations make them look good.  Instead of admitting error they twist or spin the story to mean something different. The truth has nothing to do with it, only making the other guy look bad and themselves look good.)  I am a Republican that happens to really like George Bush.  I like the way he is straight forward and just tells us what he is doing.  I admit that I listen to what the liberal democrats say about him and can get absolutely furious how they twist his position to make the “president” look bad.

What I also see is that both sides want power.  They want to be in control.  Both sides in American politics can be very guilty of spin.  Some politicians believe that to get control is to make your opponent look as bad and as evil as possible.  They can attack the motives of the other side, even though they don’t really know or care what the others'  motives are.  I wish the accusing and accusing and accusing would stop. For me, those who “spin” what they have done only look small and foolish.
I admired George and Laura Bush and their ability to put aside the lies and continue to smile and be clear and focused on what they needed to be doing.  Laura is such an example of a gracious woman.  No matter how their opponents spun what they thought George was doing, the Bushs  stood firm.  Mr. Bush was teachable, we must make that clear.  He changed his attack on how to fight the war and our enemy, the terrorists, but he was still determined to win.


George and Laura Bush knew the lies of their opponents.  They knew why the lies were coming, but they persevered and kept going. They were doing what they thought was the right thing to do, even though many misunderstood their intentions.

I want to make this comparison between what I have seen on the TV of George and Laura Bush and the life of each precious woman that has ever struggled.   Laura Bush never became the victim in these accusations.  The eyes of the public never saw her attack her accusers.  She is a picture of grace and strength.

We have an opponent in our lives that is also our enemy.  He is called, among other things, the accuser of the Brethren, he is the devil.  He accuses us day and night!  Hmmmm.  Just look at the obvious.  The accuser of the Brethren more than likely encourages these politicians to spin each issue to make their opponent look as bad as possible.

And my dear sister, because we are the enemy of the devil, he spends much time making us look as bad as possible.  He can tell others how bad we are and completely spin our intentions and motives until we look so bad that we are hated by others.  This can be done personally or to the church as a whole.

But there is another way the accuser of the Brethren works. He works in our heads.  He makes us look horrible to ourselves.  He spins what we have done until we look like hopeless worthless scum that is of no worth.

I want to expose these lies that are aimed at you precious women that I love dearly.  Women that are beautiful, vibrant, exciting, intelligent, and wonderful but don’t realize it because they are believing the lies of this enemy.  Yes, personalize it is you! Personalize is special, beyond description, because she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God.  The devil’s lies are so convincing and he, being the master of “spin”, can make you feel worthless.  You lovely child of God, have you lost the hope of Jesus?

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Please know that Jesus thinks you are very special.

In the love of Jesus,  Judy