We believe that God is always right.  We believe the Bible is always right.  We believe, without exception, that living by obeying God is the best and blessable way to live---always!  We may not understand why it is right, but we trust that He is all truth and the Bible is all truth.


We want you to learn about God.  The Bible is relevant for today, for you, for cowboys, for everyone.  The Bible is awesome, so much more than any book ever written!  The Bible can get to the bottom of what is bothering you in your heart and soul.  Only God can fix it and He will do this in you, if you let Him. 


Our learning center is a seperate place in your busy world where you can learn about God.  Just look and see!


The essays are Biblically based and can change your life.  We offer exclusive areas of study for the cowboy, cowgirl, or any person seeking to grow in the Lord.



So come on... we want you to experience a little trip with God!!

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