New Testament                                          Corinthians

Victory Over The Spin

#14--Steps to Peace

Just because you have now recognized that the enemy is lying to you, in no way means he will quit trying to deceive you.  I have been a Christian for 30 years and the enemy continues to attack me.  He attacks because he wants me miserable.  He attacks because he wants to be in control of my life.  If I let him be in control of my life then he will proceed to kill, steal, and destroy every area of my life.


So, it is a fact of the Christian life, we are in a battle, everyday, and the devil is our enemy. It is what it is.

God wants to take you.into our battle over accusations. You recognize the accusation as a lie, you know it has come from the mouth of Satan.  You are not going to let it hurt or hinder you because you don’t believe it.  You know what the Bible says, and you know and believe the love God has for you, the devil’s lies roll off your back.  In spite of the lies and accusations we can be gracious.  We don’t retaliate and speak unkind words about others.  We keep moving forward, doing what pleases God.  In no way am I suggesting that we be door mats and let others run over us.  I am saying that we are to be bigger than those accusing us.  We win and the accuser looses when we are unaffected by the lies!  Be able to laugh even when the world seems to be against you, know that ” Daddy” God loves us and that’s all that matters.


Here is how we get to that point:  (I haven’t completely won the victory, yet, but I am closer than I ever dreamed I could be)


    We must always realize that the enemy is telling lies about us and to us.  It isn’t a shock when it comes.
    Do not get wrapped in the lie of “Why me?”  Many, if not all, women struggle with this inability to shake off the lies of the enemy.  We want to do right, to be loved, and to be beautiful. The enemy hits us right where it hurts the most.  Be assured that others are struggling just like you.  
    We must know that God has His hand on our life and has a divine purpose for us.  We must focus on Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. 
    Whenever a new accusation comes our way, it triggers old thoughts and old accusations.  Because we have this tape recorder in our heads, we have to learn how to shut it off when the lies start rolling over and over.



     a.    Do what is pleasing to God. It is impossible to please people, you can please some of the people some of the time, and some people never, and never can we please everyone.  We can please God.

     b.    Turn on praise music, repeat the words of the songs.

     c.    Get an I-Pod, download the Bible, and listen to God’s Word continually. 

     d.    Pray for God’s inner peace to surround you.  Beg God for it over and over and over and over until it comes. 

     e.    Beg to be filled with the Holy Spirit, filled to overflowing. 

     f.     Don’t believe that you will never be normal.  Don’t believe that you are junk or damaged goods. 

     g.    We must read our Bibles and pray and pray and pray.  We must believe what the Bible says.  We must make the choice not to believe what the devil says about us.


This process may be hard. It may be very hard and often you may fail and believe the lies. Believing the lies of the enemy has become a bad habit, but you are taking control and breaking that habit.  God knows all that you are going through, and victory will come if you persevere. 

It may take some time before you don’t cry for hours.  It may take some time before you feel the hope and peace of God.  But be assured God will deliver.  I don’t know why He doesn’t work instantly, but He usually doesn’t. Just like major surgery, it takes time to get well.

We know that we know, that we know, that Jesus Christ came and died for each of us, He wants to spend eternity with us in heaven.  He loves each of us.  He likes spending time with us.  He wants to dance with us.

This last week, the enemy has been attacking me over and over and over.  I feel the despair, discouragement, and depression.  But instead of giving in and believing the lies, I say, “This is an attack, this is not true, this is not from God.  God will deliver me from this attack.  God will lavish me with His Love.”

And He has.  He has given me the wisdom, the strength, and the hope to encourage each of you with this letter.  God wants us whole, and free.  What an awesome Heavenly Father we have!

You are doing well, keep looking to Jesus.  Judy