Can't Sweat The Small Stuff



I was recently thinking, when a woman is on the rodeo road, how long can she stay clean.  I don’t know about you, but within five minutes after getting out of the living quarters, I can no longer claim to be clean.

At Oakley, Utah last week, it became comical.  After showering, fixing my hair, and trying to be presentable, I proceeded to go outside.  Upon walking through the parking area with sandals, my toes were coated with dirt.

Leading the horses to water just added to the problem.  The horse took a big drink of the clean, cool mountain water and then shook his head and a fountain of slobbers fell over my newly shaved and lotioned legs.  Dusty toes and horse slobbers make for a great combination.

The trying to be clean at least through breakfast was an attempt to regain my sense of personal dignity after only two nights before, stopping at the Montrose, Colorado fair grounds. 

You see, it went this way.  After driving several hours, I slipped on my sandals, unloaded the horses, and put them to bed.  A small blue house was located close by, so I thought it best to check it out before going to bed.  Upon opening the door and proceeding with caution, as any woman does, I thought better not to put my hands on anything.  Trying to prop up the seat with my foot, my sandal fell into the blue green water.  So at ten o’clock at night in the dark, I kicked off the other sandal, leaving it next to the blue house, and walked bare-footed through the typical rodeo parking lot and went to bed.