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We are creatures of habit, and all of our habits are not good or righteous.  But because so many of our actions and words are habit we may not even realize what we are doing wrong. Hebrews 10:24 tells us to consider how to SPUR one another on to love and good deeds.

Have you ever seen a horse that has been spurred too much, at the wrong time, or in the wrong place?  Have you ever seen a horse that needed to be spurred and encouraged to reach his potential?  If the cowgirl misuses or fails to use the spurs several things can happen:


  • The horse rings his tail, pins his ears and just quits.  He sulls up and won’t budge.  It is as if the horse is saying, “It doesn’t matter what I do, she just keeps jabbing me, so why try anymore?”  The horse gets tough skinned and doesn’t flinch when spurred.
  • The horse rebels and does everything possible to get rid of the rider.  
  • How about the horse that runs off when he is spurred too hard; just getting away from the pain.   
  • A  horse may ignore the rider and does as he pleases.   
  • The horse gets mad and fights back, trying to hurt the rider.   
  • Or how about the rider that doesn’t use the spurs at all but lets the horse do as he pleases?  The cowgirl maybe afraid of how the horse will react, or maybe thinks her spurring might hurt the horse.

Spurring is supposed to be an aid in training.  When spurs are used right they are a great aid to the horseman. 

Rodeo wife, how do you spur your husband on to love and good deeds?  You may think you are using your spurs right but how is your husband reacting to your spurring methods?  Examine your spurring action—where do you spur, when do you spur, why do you spur, and how hard do you spur?  Be sure your spurring is not for the wrong motive!  Don’t ever spur him because of your pride or selfishness.  Don’t spur your husband in an attempt to control him. Only spur when filled with love for him.

IMPORTANT FOR A WIFE TO REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT YOUR HUSBAND’S TRAINER.  It is not your job to train him in righteousness.  Jesus Christ is your husband’s trainer.  Jesus may choose to use you to spur your husband on to love and good deeds; and when that happens you must know that you are being led by the Holy Spirit.  Seek God and ask Him to teach you how to spur your husband so that He may be all that God created Him to be.  Sometimes all of us need a good jab, but usually we just need to be encouraged.  Be sure your spurring benefits your husband. Be sure you spur in love!

Have you ever seen a horse
that has been spurred too much,
at  the  wrong time,
or in the wrong place?

Hebrews 10:24


Spurring In Love