In Love With A Cowboy

Let’s take a look backward for a moment.  For some it may be only a few years and for some it may be twenty or more years.  But think of the time you first saw your husband.  Maybe it was at the rodeo and some cowboys were standing back of the chutes talking and one cowboy caught your eye.  He was gorgeous in his cowboy cut Wranglers, Justin boots, sunglasses, and black gold hat.  Stars suddenly appeared in your eyes.  Your heart started beating faster, a flutter was in your stomach, and you fell in love.

The cowboy life was so fascinating.  It seemed like a roller coaster ride, so thrilling.  The Prince Charming in starched jeans and a big buckle was sure to carry you off to his castle in his dually pick up and living quarter’s trailer.


It is probably safe to say, that you didn’t realize what a price was to be paid for falling in love with a cowboy.  You were so in love with this macho, daring, independent fellow that you chose to marry him.  You went down the aisle and said ‘I do’ and ‘I will’ and ‘till death do us part.’

‘I do’ and ‘I will’ seemed like such simple phrases and how easy it would be to follow your hero anywhere. But after the several all night drives from Houston to Tucson, reality struck. Easy wasn’t what you were thinking!  Your husband competed at Houston, and then you drove to Tucson.  He made the short round at Houston and you drove him back to Houston. The short round didn’t go well and hubby broke out to cost your family thousands of dollars.  And if that wasn’t enough you got back in the pickup drove like crazy all night to make the slack at another rodeo.  At that point your Charming Cowboy needed a shave and a shower, and you just wanted to put your head on a pillow for about twelve hours straight. The reality for the wife of a cowboy—’I do’ and ‘I will’ is hard!

Or how about spending your first Cowboy Christmas in the pickup with hubby and two other cowboys? Remember the first year you tried to keep up with hubby and his buddies as they toured the United States over the fourth of July.  Competing in Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, South Dakota, Canada, and Nebraska all in one week can wear a girl out. And your husband still had to turn out three other rodeos.  You saw some beautiful country, but if this pace keeps up ‘till death do us part’ may come soon.

You have eaten hamburgers, fries, and Cokes so much that Ronald McDonald is a regular part of your dreams. The life you thought would be so exciting may have lost some of its sparkle.  Maybe you are a little tired and a little discouraged with the life style you chose.

Jesus Christ knows your situation and He is your answer.  Complete dedication to God, diligent searching of the Bible, and yielding your will to be totally obedient in every area of your life is the answer to an abundant joyful life.  Jesus will make it possible for you to life the ‘I do’ and ‘I will’ that you promised your husband and God on your wedding day.


God will settle for nothing less than a 100% commitment.  He is totally committed to us and expects us to be the same to Him.  God doesn’t want casual observers of His Word but rather diligent seekers and doers.  You know that a half way commitment in the arena doesn’t win many prizes and it is true in your Christian life—halfway commitments cause you to fall short of all that God desires to give you in your life.  Whenever you take God’s Word to heart it means change in your life.  Change may be hard.  However, the consequences of not changing may mean destruction to your marriage, because everything we do against God’s will is foolish.