Once upon a time lived a very devoted mother of a one year old. 

The child had been cutting teeth for months and now his molars were coming in. 

In the past the child had always cut the top teeth first. 

The child showed all the symptoms of teething. 

He was restless sleeping, gnawing on rags, and just grouchy some of the time. 

The mother kept checking the upper gum for the new molars, but nothing had changed for several weeks. 

One day, the Mom accidentally bumped the bottom gum and sure enough there was a new molar. 

She checked the other lower jaw and the other molar had popped through. 

Baby had two new teeth and Mom missed it. 

Mom felt a little stupid.

This story can be compared to our relationship with God. 

As women, we often think we have great perception and can see what God is doing and where He is doing it. 

We know how He worked in the past and often expect Him to work the same way again. 

We are so focused on how God did it the last time, or how we think He should do it, we don’t see what He is doing this time.

How else do we miss it? 

Just like when we can go shopping and look directly at what we are looking for, but don’t see it. 

The same can be true in our walk with God, we can be looking directly at what He is doing and miss it. 

God’s ways are not our ways. 

God is always working on our behalf. 

He is working even if we don’t see it.


Once Upon A Time