Psalms & Proverbs                                        


The Bible is an awesome book.  In it, God has given us everything we need to know for living a wonderful life.  In the Bible, God tells us what He wants us to do.  He tells us the rewards we will receive by following the Bible.  God tells us the consequences of not obeying the Bible, and He tells us how to be the women He desires.

Proverbs 31 is a collection of verses describing the noble or virtuous woman.  Noble is defined as exalted moral character or excellence; imposing or fine in appearance; stately or magnificent; of admirably high quality.  The noble woman is one who lives like Jesus.  One of the characteristics of the noble woman is described in Proverbs 31:27, “She carefully watches all that goes on in her household and does not have to bear the consequences of laziness.”

God has given the wife the responsibility of looking after her home.  Let’s look at just one aspect of this verse—making your home a refuge.

God wants us to make our homes an escape from the ways of the world.  He wants our homes to be a place where our husbands know they are accepted and encouraged.  Our homes are to be a place of hope and love.  Our homes are to reflect the love of Jesus Christ.

This may sound like a huge job—and it is.  But nothing is impossible with God.  And because this is important to God, He will equip us to make our rigs and our homes all that He wants them to be.  With work, our rigs and our homes will always be the place where our husband wants to go.



How can we make our rigs, our home away from home, a place of refuge?


  •     Leave the crudeness of rodeo in the arena, we must not bring it into our living quarters.  We must make our homes a place to escape the strains of rodeo.
  •     We can help our husbands see the big picture of life.  On the trail our focus can become very narrow, thinking winning is everything.  Being thankful for the love we have for each other is important.  We should appreciate our health and the opportunity to do what we love.
  •     Use our home as a place to have quiet time with the Lord.
  •     Put things in our homes to remind us to keep our eyes on Jesus not on circumstances.
  •     Help our husbands keep in perspective breaking out or missing his horse out.  Even when our husbands are on a loosing streak; we must always accept them.  Encourage them in a righteous, considerate, loving and truthful way.
  •     We can’t let our rodeo homes become a place where our husbands hear murmuring and complaining, gossiping or back-stabbing.
  •     After a rodeo performance, we must be sure our attitudes are filled with love and hope.
  •     We can never let our rodeo home be a place to ream out our husbands!  Our husbands are always trying when they compete, they hate losing as bad as we do.  They probably don’t need anyone else telling them they blew it.  As wives, be cheerleaders, praise them for the right things they did.
  •     Be sure the love of Christ is felt in our rigs.  Everyone disagrees and argues, but it is essential we all work at disagreeing in a humble, considerate, teachable way.
  •     Our rigs should be a place of prayer and praise.  A grateful attitude and asking for help is always acceptable to God.  Listening to praise music is excellent.

The more committed a woman becomes to Jesus Christ, the more she will radiate with His qualities. 

Through the power of the Holy Spirit in our hearts our rigs and homes can be places of godly rest and peace.

Proverbs 31


Making Your Home A Refuge