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A Special Gift To A Special Person—YOU!

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving gifts.  How much time do you spend looking for a special present for that special someone?  How much are you willing to give to insure your special someone has the right gift?  Usually, the more you care for a person the more you are willing to give.  You may even spend much time and effort making sure the package is uniquely and beautifully wrapped.  You just want it to be perfect.

God spared no expense to GIVE you, his specially loved child, the very best!  God’s special GIFT for you is Jesus Christ.  Jesus is God perfectly wrapped in humanity—GIVEN out of LOVE.  The gifts that Santa brings are temporary, but the GIFT of God is eternal.

Why does God GIVE this GIFT?  

"God is so rich in mercy and LOVES us so very much, that even when we were dead in sin, He GAVE us life." (Ephesians 2:4)

How do we receive this gift of Jesus Christ? 

"The GIFT of GOD is not earned.  When people work, their wages are not a gift." (Romans 4:4)   Faith is the key to receiving God’s free GIFT. (Romans 4:13-16) We receive the gift because we accept who God is and believe with all of our heart that Jesus came and died for us.

Have you ever given a GIFT and the person didn’t want it? 

Have you ever given a GIFT that wasn’t appreciated? 

Have you ever given a special GIFT and the person treated it as common and ordinary?  

Have you ever given a GIFT that was rejected because they thought they didn’t need it? 

How much was God willing to GIVE to insure that his special people had the right GIFT?  He was willing to GIVE His Son. God deeply LOVES His people.  He wants to give them the best GIFT of all.  Many people don’t appreciate the GIFTS of God; they think they are no big deal.  Some people treat the life and sacrificial death of Jesus Christ as common and ordinary.  Some people reject the GIFT of Christ because they think they don’t need it.

With all of that said, we pray that you will know how much God dearly LOVES you.  He doesn’t LOVE you less because of all the wrong things you have done.  He will not withhold His GIFT because of your many sins.  Only if you refuse to believe and thus reject God‘s gift, will you be left empty-handed.  Just believe with all of your heart and God will GIVE to you.  "You will be GIVEN the Holy Spirit to fill you with LOVE." (Romans 5:5) "You will be GIVEN a restored relationship with God." (Romans 5:9)  "You will be GIVEN total forgiveness." (Romans 5:15-16) "You will be GIVEN righteousness and you will win over sin and death." (Romans 5:17)  "You will be in right standing with God.  And even more, you will have eternal life." (Romans 5:21)

Our gift to you is our prayer that Jesus Christ will GIVE you spiritual wisdom and understanding.  We pray you will realize what a rich and glorious inheritance God has GIVEN to his people.   We pray you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power in your life. (Ephesians 2:17-20) 

We pray you will know,

that you know,

that you know,

that you are special to God—so specially LOVED that He


Romans 5


A Special Gift