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David was a man of prayer, and his prayers were answered.  David knew he needed God.  He loved God and served God.  David knew he was nothing compared to God.  David was a mighty warrior and king; fighting hand to hand combat many years of his life.  David’s many prayers for God’s protection and safety were answered over and over.

In the Bible we can see that pride and humility mean much to God.  The Bible tells us that the proud man will be humbled and the humble man will be lifted up.  Why is that?  Because the proud man who thinks he has no need for God and tries to live life by his own strength will sooner or later find out that he can do nothing without God.  If he doesn’t willingly humble himself, the sin of pride will break him.  Whereas, the humble man, the man whose attitude is like David’s will be lifted up by God.

In 1 Chronicles 17:16-27 we see David’s awesome humility in prayer.  “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far?  You speak as though I were someone very great, O Lord God!  You know what I am really like.  For my sake, O Lord, and according to your will, you have done all these great things and have made them known….And now, it has pleased You to bless me and my family…”

When we pray we must realize that we are approaching God the all mighty.  The God above all gods.  He is the Creator, we are the created.  He is the Father, we are the child.  Because of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are able to approach the most powerful being in the universe and ask Him to change the course of history.  We must realize we are nothing compared to God.

David was teachable.  David was not stubborn or stiff-necked—but at times slow to learn.  It may be hard for us to admit we don’t know everything.  It may be even harder for us to shut up and listen.  As Moms we get into the habit of telling others what to do—never slowing our mouth long enough to let anyone else speak.  Even in our prayers we may find ourselves telling God what to do.

There is a huge difference between asking and telling!  Our Heavenly Father doesn’t let his children run the show.  He considers our requests and then answers.  Make sure in humility, you ask of your Heavenly Father.

Humility recognizes its need for God’s help. (Psalm 86:1)  Humble heart realize their lives depend upon God. (86:4) The humble know that when trouble strikes, God is the one to rely on and ask for help. (86:6-7) Strength and protection come from God and the humble heart recognizes it. (86:2,16) In humility, David lived to honor God. (86:11)

"God puts a great price on humility of heart.  Humility is a rare Christian grace, of great price in the courts of heaven, entering into and being an inseparable condition of effectual praying.  It gives access to God when other qualities fail.”  E.M. Bounds

1 Chronicles 17:16-27

God Answers The Humble