are we at

Western Meadows?

We are women of action and passion.

We are the women who love cowboys;  whether they be our husbands, fathers, or sons. 

We are also the women who have cowboy blood flowing through our veins.

We are women that are 'western' at heart.

The world of cowboys is not a group of people that expect or even like life easy.  Our cowboy roots have raised us to be a people of integrity, honesty, bravery and reliability.  The blood that runs through our veins tells us to never quit and to reach beyond ourselves. 

We are driven to be tough and to be fair.

We keep our promises.  We are loyal and devoted.

We were bred to value our reputation and to never sell out.

We are a people who know in our heart that there is only one way to do something,

the right way, no matter what it costs us.....That's who we are!

We at Western Meadows believe that the answer to every woman's problem


not a taste of JESUS, but

all of JESUS.

The last twenty five years we at Western Meadows have told women that

1.  The best thing a Mom can do for her children is to be as close to JESUS as she can be.

2.  The best thing a wife can do for her marriage is to be as close to JESUS as she can be.

3.  The best thing a woman can do for her business is to be as close to JESUS as she can be.

We are here

for YOU,

whoever you are!

In the Bible God clearly tells us to say good words and to influence others.

He tells us to proclaim each and every word in the Bible.

We are here to teach the Bible to any who will listen!

We have a very soft place in our heart for those who are hurting,

for those who the world might call damaged goods. 

Cowboys might call this group of people as those who have been rode hard and put up wet. 

Our Quiet Streams section and our Steps to Peace are sections especially developed to show the love, grace, mercy, compassion, and hope that comes from JESUS CHRIST.

We desire to tell each and every women the good news of JESUS CHRIST.

No matter what your what may be,

JESUS CHRIST loves you and so do we!

JESUS is GOD and GOD--well, He is the GOD of the impossible.

He can do anything he wants.

And one of the things he wants is for us to tell you how much he loves YOU!

God wants to lavish YOU, yes YOU with his love and blessings!

GOD wants you to know he created YOU special and

he created YOU with a purpose that only YOU can fulfill.

If YOU want to know more about this impossible GOD

that loves YOU,

please visit our Quiet Streams section.